The diversity of our people enables us to provide a wide-ranging and seamless Brand offering.

For every project, we choose the best people for the job, from both within and outside of the ZeeBox Media Group, to provide:

  • Branding consumer products isn't just about creating innovative packaging design, it’s about understanding the total consumer experience in the retail channel. Delivering impact at 30'and engaging at 3’ drives our approach. Rich consumer insight, together with a clear point of view about the value of a brand to consumers, drives differentiated positioning. This in turn enables us to create engaging and compelling consumer brand design with a measurable return on investment.

  • Our corporate identity work uses design to shape the way a brand is perceived through the visual identity system that connects the brand communications and experiences across a variety of touchpoints and media.

    Corporate identity designers translate brand strategy into design by creating a palette of graphic elements, including the logo, typographic style, color and photographic style, to create a distinctive and flexible system and sensibility that can be rolled out across a range of communication points. Each touchpoint plays a different role at different times in the customer, employee or investor experience, and the visual identity system is the vehicle by which they are connected. Through design, we are able to facilitate these connections and make more impact, resulting in a much stronger connection to and understanding of the brand.

    The simplicity and strength of a unique and differentiated design system will continue to work with the brand in the future as the product and service range grows and evolves.

  • We translate brands into memorable and relevant consumer experiences. The first step in this process is to translate a brand's intangible values into a concept platform and a unique design language. A design language is a conceptual, visual structure that allows us to manage 3D communication of the brand at any given touchpoint. It is a set of visual guidance directions, normally in the form of mood boards, that showcase the look and feel of a brand. This means that even if you can’t put a logo on it, the design language can be used to convey the identity of the brand, through shape, color, material, smell, etc – it’s the difference between badging and branding.

  • A digital brand strategy shapes the opportunities and initiatives that build relationships with a brand via digital touchpoints. It engages target groups through the delivery of exceptional digital brand experiences. Our digital brand strategies focus on two key areas:

    • 1. Digital brand expression
      Successful digital brand strategy will use digital interfaces to express a brand’s attributes (identity, values, key messages) and positioning, while ensuring the brand promise is delivered through every user interaction and experience.
    • 2. Digital brand engagement
      A person develops a relationship with a brand when they are engaged on an emotional level. Through digital channels it is possible to deliver extremely targeted experiences (to the right person, in the right channel, at the right time) which, by being more relevant, generate greater emotional engagement.

  • Discovering insight to inform the next stage of brand strategy. Evaluation begins with getting the right mix of performance indicators in place at the outset: metrics, qualitative data, feedback from stakeholders. It is about organizing the data into a format that is the most useful and revealing for the brand team, and making it available in the right place and at the right time. It is about moving beyond a simple assessment of data to an understanding of the results that informs what should happen next to develop the brand for the future. Evaluation is about providing insight on data to inform and instruct decision-making and strategy development.

  • We have developed a variety of proprietary intuitive approaches, for example Our Brand Think Tank Analysis Team, which help us facilitate and deliver breakthrough, brand-led innovation. Success is defined at the outset of each project and we use our analysis , a synthesis of brand and business objectives, to track this throughout the process. With the brand and its customers at the heart of each project we connect with relevant market experts to help develop powerful insights. This combines with real time visualization and feasibility checking to form part of our simple, yet robust, approach, leading to greater speed to market.

  • Engagement is the process of transforming words on paper into memorable experiences that inspire people, drive understanding, belief and commitment, and create lasting change. It can be summarized into four distinct elements:

    • 1. Creating a compelling story
      Turning complex brand or business strategy into a narrative that makes sense to each audience. Making it simple and stirring and ensuring it has life beyond a Powerpoint presentation or brand book.
    • 2. Engaging managers
      Ensuring the leaders of the business drive and support the story.
    • 3. Employee voice
      Creating interactions between the story and employees so they are actively involved and buy-in to the strategic direction.
    • 4. Integrity
      Ensuring the values that underpin the story are integrated into the business and support the desired change.

  • We partner with our clients to convey the right message to the right audience, through the right media. To convey ideas, facts and brand promises in engaging ways and build complete brand stories across all traditional and new media.

  • All great brands have a centre of gravity to which they always return. For us Brand = Reputation, which is enduring and operates as a central organizing principle closely aligned to a business’s strategy. A brand is about everything that business is and does. This requires us to have a very inclusive approach, understanding all stakeholders for whom a brand exists and all of that brand’s touchpoints.

  • Research is a means to an end and never the end in itself. It lies at the heart of every strategy and our emphasis is on research that is strongly in touch with the commercial realities of our clients’ businesses. Our approach is founded on the principles of thorough and objective analysis, focusing on providing relevant and useful insights that can be translated into innovative and creative solutions.

    Our particular areas of expertise include:

    • • Competitor mapping
    • • Customer segmentation
    • • Customer journeying
    • • Deep dive brand analysis based on BrandZ