ZeeBox Media Group provides complete sales outsourcing solutions to large enterprise and middle market clients. ZMG presents a clear choice in sales channel options for you – our metrics and process driven processes deliver uncompromising results consistently with the highest ethical standards.

ZMG uses forward thinking sales practices and Six Sigma processes to control and maximize sales results. Sales is treated as a science. Your sales results should not depend on any one superstar rep. Your revenue targets (and your future) should be consistent, predictable, replicable, and scalable. ZMG designed a series of proprietary processes to allow for not only beating the quotas but also to consistently improve while being able to scale the programs up and replicate them worldwide.

In simple terms, what do we do?

We sell your products and services in the field, via inside sales, or as enterprise sales reps traveling as needed. We are “branded” representatives meaning the customer sees the sales force as extensions of your brand rather than ZMG. We report in detailed ways typically exceeding what most clients could get in terms of metrics from their own force. We build the programs, recruit the personnel, manage the teams, and close the deals on your “paper.” We build a sales force for you from the director level down to the actual reps – the entire force dedicated just to you using systems and processes developed by an industry leader in sales.

ZMG is unique in the sales channel marketplace. Our metric focused approaches allow us to consistently meet and exceed our targets. ZMG presents a model that for many products and services will outperform VARs, contract sales, and other sales outsourcing firms both in raw revenue/ROI but also in strategic benefits. ZMG spent five years developing a process that is nothing less than revolutionary before our primary market launch. Our sole focus on sales has allowed for the creation of processes that consistently outperformed what companies could do internally and beats our competition by an average of 2:1. Why can ZMG do this? Simple: A decade of systems and process development focusing on nothing but top sales results, help of the best sales minds in the industry, and massive investments in people, p Read more ..

-The ZMG sales services model is based on the following elements:

  • Program Design and Control – dedicated focus to adapt existing ZMG processes and systems to your specific sales environment and marketplace. We take your successes and build on them. This same initial design is applied throughout the program allowing for a 360 ° view of the sales effort allowing for constant improvement.
  • Recruit – ZMG learned to objectively identify the elements of successful sales reps in various environments. Our aggressive interviewing, testing, and evaluation process allow us to consistently find the best talent available. We look for the best talent through proprietary processes along with advertising, networking, and direct headhunting.
  • Advanced Training – ZMG deploys training programs combining the client’s product and marketplace knowledge with ZMG sales process and applies it with Accelerative Learning technologies. The end results are better trained sales reps that hit bigger numbers faster. This same training continues ongoing through an employees tenure with ZMG.
  • ASAP sales process – ZMG sells using consultative sales processes with focus on ethical aggressive closing practices. ZMG reps are trained to sell in an organized way to maximize sales today while keeping strong sales funnels.
  • Technology and Process Control – ZMG is recognized as an industry innovator in use of technology and process control. Our technologies allow for complete metric assessment of performance and market data whether it is inside sales or in the field – the field technology goes even further by helping the rep to maximize territory opportunities.

-ZeeBox Media Group is designed to meet or exceed the capabilities of clients direct operations, building on elements like these:

  • Traditional offices - All Virtual offices are located in business districts in Eastern,Western, Mid-Western and South Eastern areas of the United States
  • Sufficient staffing - Our account managers only represent one or two titles.
  • Training - Our entire sales staff has been trained in Web sales.
  • Testing - All employees are required to undergo psychological and skills testing prior to employment.
  • Technological edge - Our systems include a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a unified national VoIP telecom system to enhance communications, and our own IT staff ensures reliable network operations, appropriate PC and Macintosh platforms, etc.
  • Flexibility - We adapt to our clients' technological systems, and are currently working with several different advertising management systems.
  • Reporting - We provide regular progress reports and accurate account information to help with forecasting.
  • Research - we can provide research services including syndicated and proprietary research.
  • Graphics - we can provide design services including media kits, collateral material, etc. as required.
  • Small space and classified sales - We can provide telemarketing sales and billing, and, where appropriate, credit card processing through our own merchant accounts.