Hope Davis

SVP, Executive Creative Director

As SVP, Executive Creative Director, Hope is responsible for leading and managing ZeeBox’s Experience Design department. In this position, she provides the vision for the largest experience design team in the industry and encourages the creation of user-centered experiences that integrate seamlessly into consumers’ lives. Through Hope’s leadership and direction, the experience design team has originated groundbreaking work at ZeeBox, including campaigns for

Hope joined ZeeBox in 2009 working on global accounts and eventually served as the Executive Creative Director on Nuimage’s global account, leading teams in New York and London. Since joining ZeeBox, she has been a global design leader, creative leader, and a visionary, while contributing to the development of ZBX Media World, ZeeBox’s evolving vision of the consumer landscape.

Prior to ZeeBox, Hope expanded her expertise at Rim Media where she engaged in deep ethnographic and insight-related engagements. At Rim, she worked with diverse brands on varied projects including embracing social networks.

Hope also teaches and lectures at a variety of institutions. Hope earned her BA in Visual Arts at University of Maryland.